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The People Who Love Motor Get Together To The Party

@ 02:42 AM (19 months, 21 days ago)

After the Exhibition of motor in ChongQing, I feel so exciting and happy, because there are more and more people love motor and join us, they communicate in the motor forum on the net, it’s a heated discussion, these motor lover all ask, can we have a party to celebrate the motor in order to let so many fans know each other, or organize a motor club to let them communicate or find help easily, I think these all are good ideas ,we should make a careful plan ,and carry out it.

Actually, I was so worried before this exhibition, I was so nervous, but I decided to writer a plan book about motor party two month ago, but I have firm belief when I take part in this exhibition, I found so many people come to see motor, even through the weather is rain and windy.they come here at last , I have confidence suddenly that I can hold the party successful.I feel so surprise.

Sometimes ,I think if there is no motor fans or consumers,the exhibition of motor is not have any importance and significance. The absent of them will make the exhibition failed. So many new motor type will be showed to whom? no body.

At present ,to travel bu motor have become a trend for those fans, many people dreamed to have a trip by motor, To see beautiful scenery. So they are all focus on these new motor type, they are attracted by it’s charming appearance and good function, they wanna know the information about motor exhibition. This is the reason why so many people come to Chongqing. They gained happiness and surprise, I come here too, yes ,so do I.

I chose a place that motor fans can come in to discuss the motor when they drink a cup of coffee or tea. And have a rest too. This place was called the reception place for motor lovers. To my surprise ,the fans are more and more than last year, I can’t image thousands of people in this hobby.

I know several person ,.they are so amazing, for example, a boy from Shandong come here by his lovely BMW, it cost him eight days to reach Chongqing, earlier than us, a grandfather of Hunan is 60 yeas old, with a A group of young guys,ride motor for about 2000 kilometers to come here, I have to say, it’s so awesome.however, a girl from Henan come here by train, maybe she is a little exciting, she had a cold when she reached Chongqing. And she have a rest in hotel for two days.

I am so glad that so many people love motor, we are not strange, we always love motor, Chenshu said right, there is a motor in our heart. It is gentle and soft like a lover, and it is warm and kind like a friend, it is close heart like a family. Where the place we have a party next time? No ,I can’t tell you right now ,it’s a secret.

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